Specialized in the construction of metallic structural steel works for civil, mechanical and plant engineering works, the Metalmec s.r.l. has been working since 1976. It designs and plans the construction and the laying of pipes and special steel pieces, aerial spans for pipes, structural steelwork components, caissons and metallic supporting structures for reinforced concrete which require considerable executive abilities for precision, capacity, professionality.
The Metalmec works in an area of 35,000 square meters, where are 3,000 of it has technologically advanced machine tools and implements steelwork and precision. It is equipped with lifting devices for the laying in building site. The Metalmec is a point of reference in the metal-mechanical vocation for the construction of complex metallic structures.
Experience in work, the employment of skilled workers, precision and maximum puntuality: thanks to its characteristics the Metalmec builds steel structures and coverings for civil and industrial sheds, steel towers for aeolian generators and floating cages offshore for aquaculture; also, the company produces agricultural implements and accessories.The Metalmec also produces implements such as trailers (with and without wheels drive), dumpers and tanks to transport grapes and cereals, hydraulic stakes hammers for vineyards and palisades, wheeled and unwheeled tanks, tillers and also it constructs wood oven for domestic use.